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Welcome to the Cyber Innopolis Story of INNOPOLIS Foundation

Tour of Innopolis Story



What is a Cyber Tour?

A cyber tour is a space where you can experience the inside and outside of the Innopolis Story of INNOPOLIS Foundation with a vivid virtual reality (VR) panorama as if you were in the actual field. You can see a detailed description and additional information by using the “See Details” function.

VR in VR panorama is abbreviation of Virtual Reality.
VR panorama is a technology through which a user can experience a field as if they were actually there with a 3D effect using a panorama image. As the screen turns in the direction of the mouse as it is dragged, the user feels like they are touring the actual field.


Virtual Experience Information Guide

  • Entire screen mode does not support the use of a keyboard.
  • The location of icons on the photos is not exact due to perspective.
  • Panorama is optimized for Flash 10 or more.

Use of Mouse

  • Move : Move while clicking
  • Zoom In : Scroll the mouse wheel up
  • Zoom Out : Scroll the mouse wheel down

Use of Keyboard

  • Move : Move using keyboard direction keys
  • Zoom In : Click on SHIFT key
  • Zoom Out : Click on CTRL key
  • Home Button : Move to cyber tour start page(lobby)
  • VR Thumbnail : Shortcut to desired panorama is available.
  • Open/Close Entire Screen : Turn on and off the entire screen mode of panorama.
  • Automatic Replay : Entire panorama is replayed automatically.
  • See Details : See the relevant display contents in detail.
  • See Image : See visual materials and subtitles.