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INNOPOLIS INNOPOLIS has managed to become the center of attention in its field!

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Establishment purpose

INNOPOLIS Foundation is a professional technology commercialization institution to efficiently pursue the business of fostering according to the Special Act on the Promotion of Special Research and Development Zones, Etc.

Operation Overview

01.Commercialization of research achievements
  • We Creates the base for technology commercialization, transfers technology, and commercializes public research achievements
02.Creation of venture ecosystems
  • We Fosters High-tech companies fosters Professional Science Master and provides management support services
03.Construction of global environment
  • We Constructs a global network, creates a favorable business environment for foreign companies, and improves the settlement conditions
04.Construction of INNOPOLIS infrastructure and connection with other areas
  • We Supports the management of INNOPOLIS and development businesses, approves tenancy, and constructs an industry-academe-research institute network
Cross Networking, Government(System and Support Policy)
    • Academia
    • Research Institutes
    • Industry
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Venture Capital
    • Marketing and Accounting
    • Fostering Manpower
  • Funding, Customized R&BD

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